Gallery M

Millicent the ArtistFrom the time she would perform for her family at the age of 4, dancing with scarves, acting out little skits or painting pictures as presents...Millicent Cummings understood her destiny with the Arts.  Her first great Love was Dance and then Music through puberty...The Theater in her teens.  Cummings graduated with a Fine Art degree in 1990 from Parsons in NYC.  She is accomplished in painting, sculpture, photography and all manner of various crafts, as well as being a professional musician and mother.  She has shown her work in both one-woman and group exhibitions across the country and has taught art and music for both children and adults for the past 25 years, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Kaua'i Academy of Creative Arts.  She presently teaches and is Music Coordinator for the Hawai'i Museum of Contemporary Art.  A 20 year long series of paintings she calls 'Glyphs', continues to the present day...Born of her early college years at Cornish in Seattle, influenced by the Northwest Visionary School of painters and her affinity with ancient art.  The Glyphs found their way into a recent One-Woman exhibit in December of last year called "The Pele Paintings" at the before mentioned Museum.  She is known from the days of curating her own gallery called Gallery M, as 'The Mistress of Media', recognizing the Arts to be what she calls, "The Mother Tongue, and has devoted her life to them with profound pathos and passion.  With clear intention, prevailing through amazing adversity and financial hardship...She has finally learned how to make art out of every moment, as an embodiment of the very purpose of the Arts.  Aloha.

Portraits, poetry and narration by multimedia artist and musician Millicent Cummings. Graphite, colored pencil, copper and silver point drawings on paper, 1987-2007.

 Wearable Art by Millicent Cummings, Semi-precious stones, glass, metal and assorted beads, objects and wire.

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