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Millicent CummingsMillicent Cummings is a Renaissance Woman of the Arts...An award winning singer, songwriter and guitarist, recording and multimedia fine artist, producer of radio, television and festival programs, instructor, storyteller, activist, visionary and most importantly, mother. 

She is presently working on her greatest work to date called, 'Relation SHIP'...A two year project to produce a CD, a DVD and Book exploring our relationships with ourselves, with each other and with our planet at this transformational time in Our story.  'Relation SHIP' is the culmination of her 48 years of life expressing the essence of her experience here:  Love. 

Her past two CD's, 'Compassionate Heart' and 'Altar Native', (A Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee), were also 'Concept Albums'.  'Relation SHIP', is more global in its telescope, and even more intimate in the compass of its aim.  

After a nine month gestation period on the "Mainland", traveling and relocating to Beautiful Ashland, Oregon, Millicent returns home in the Spring to culminate her experience in the greatest work she has ever produced and fulfill her "Relation SHIP" vision as a small token of gratitude for being alive with you all at this amazing time!  ALOHA!!!

For information about all upcoming events and multi-media classes being offered by this unique artist, visit the events page.  You can check out her previous releases in her Store...ALOHA!




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